The Auka Processing Engine

Auka Processing Engine

The processing engine provides FSA and PCI-compliant customer records, transaction processing, clearing and settlement, reporting, data management, access control and audit trailing.

The processing engine also includes our bank API, which enables us to connect to external banking infrastructures, card schemes, and other third-party systems, to facilitate. direct-to-account transactions and live balances from external accounts.

Transaction processing

Auka operates an extensive platform with multiple transaction routes, authorisation set-ups and funding source connections. Our processing is state of the art, with automatic transactions and cryptographic proof for audit trail, even for transactions or transactional messages that are passed through to third-party systems.

Transactions switching

Each transaction may benefit from switching and we support complex, conditional switching, enabling optimisations on anything from network latency to reduction in processing cost and potentially increased revenue from off-scheme clearing.

Clearing and settlement

Auka performs clearing and settlement across all connected schemes and infrastructures ranging from cards, hosted debit, credit, prepaid accounts and underlying accounts hosted by third parties.

We manage and balance client spooling and buffer accounts, cross-currencies. We also handle settlement positions cross-platform and scheme participants and can calculate and settle both gross and net positions.

On the platform, we also settle in real-time, delayed or batched to other banks, consumers and merchants on both domestic, regional and international rails.

Bank account debiting and crediting

Auka connects to bank accounts in a wide variety of ways, including proprietary connections, PSD2/Open Banking API connections, via domestic or regional automated clearing house (ACH) infrastructures and through commercial schemes.

Via our connections, we are able to debit and credit virtually all bank accounts directly or through correspondence.

Card debiting and crediting

As an associate member of both Visa and MasterCard, Auka can issue and acquire payment instruments under the Visa and MasterCard networks. With our modern connection to these schemes, Auka can both debit and credit payment cards depending on issuer support.

Cryptographic ledger records

As part of our transaction processing, we keep track of all customers, balances, movements of money, clearing and settlement positions. This ledger is operated in the cloud, backed by the processing power of the world’s most sophisticated data-center. With automatic transaction handling and cryptographic proof, we are FSA-approved and provide superior performance, security, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Hosted debit, credit and stored value accounts

Auka can operate debit, credit and stored value accounts for financial institutions. Running in the cloud, Auka can deliver extreme capacity, speed, and availability at unparalleled pricing, compared to legacy banking platforms.

Because of our processing flexibility, banks can progressively migrate accounts from legacy systems to Auka without experiencing downtime.