Third Party App Payments

Enable your merchants to accept mobile payments in any existing third party app by connecting to our merchant API.

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Third Party App Payments

Third party app payments is an integrated solution, enabling merchants to accept mobile payments in any existing third party app, by connecting to our merchant API.

When paying, the customer will enjoy the flexibility offered by the consumer app, including data sharing, funding source management, and live-balance preview before paying. Third party apps can be directly exposed in the consumer app’s marketplace, enabling customer data and payment with one tap.

Digital receipts

All payments made within the consumer app automatically generate an electronic receipt. Depending on the merchant and integration type, the actual purchase receipt with line item details can be made readily available in the consumer app.

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Integrated settlement and reporting

The merchant API gives access to transaction and settlement reports enabling merchants to setup automated reconciliation.

Funding source management

The consumer app supports any funding source, including accounts, cards, lines of credit and prepaid. Users can add, remove, rename, edit and charge all funding sources at their disposal from one consolidated view.

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