Pre-order Payments

Pre-order Payments is an Auka turnkey mobile payments product that truly harnesses the value of the mobile phone.

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Pre-order Payments

Pre-order Payments is an Auka turnkey mobile payments product that truly harnesses the value of the mobile phone. It enables users to purchase goods from any location by accessing a merchant’s mobile mini-shop inside the app. The user can order goods for pick-up or delivery which is often a massive time saver for both consumers and merchants.

Users can search or browse for merchants in the consumer app’s digital marketplace, which can be sorted by location, popularity or category. They then add products to their cart, select pick-up or delivery and order/pay from a selected funding source in the app. Users can also follow order status, chat with merchants and receive digital receipts directly in the app.

The module also enables customer data sharing and advanced product types, catering to needs for ticketing, stamp cards, vouchers and complex product variables.

Merchants will simply set up their mini-store in the merchant console, where they can design and build beautiful digital menus tailored to meet their requirements. The merchant console also features order-handling, inventory management and sales and settlement reporting, making Pre-order Payments a full-stack solution for merchants and consumers.

Takeaway/delivery solutions

Data sharing, order status and merchant chat enable SME merchants to provide seamless remote orders, payments and takeaway/delivery to their customers.

Orders are received, processed and finalised in the merchant console. Order status is conveyed to the users via the consumer app.

Stamp card solutions

SME merchants can offer stamp card solutions for their products and services, driving loyalty and simplifying the purchase process for consumers. Customers, for example, can buy at anytime from anywhere and collect their product or service by redeeming a digital stamp.

Ticket solutions

SME merchants can provide ticketing solutions to their customers with Pre-order Payments and on-site validation of coupons made available on the phone.


Users can find merchants by search, location, popularity, or campaigns. They can access their digital menu directly in the consumer app and make a remote purchase/order.

Digital receipts

All payments made with the consumer app include regulation compliant electronic receipts made readily available in the consumer app.

Data sharing and permissions management

The system collects and manages a wide variety of user data, ranging from customer identity to transaction history. Before, during or after a transaction, data points such as loyalty ID, name, address, balance and purchase history can be shared.

This data can be used by the merchant to create personalised shopping experiences and automate future interactions. Users are, however, free to turn on/off sharing permissions for individual merchants (and for specific data points) inside the consumer app.


P2M payments are organised in a multimedia messaging interface, where users have a complete overview of all interactions with each merchant, including transactions, chat conversations, order statuses, receipts, coupons, offers and more.

Funding source management

The consumer app supports any funding source, including accounts, cards, lines of credit and prepaid. Users can add, remove, rename, edit and charge all funding sources at their disposal from one consolidated view.

User profile and settings

Visual display of personal data associated with each user, including name, mobile phone number, email and address.

Settings includes funding source preferences, spending limits, notifications, touch ID activation and a variety of other display and application settings.

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