eCOM Payments

eCOM payments enable merchants with an existing webshop to accept mobile payments from the Auka consumer app by connecting our merchant API to their e-commerce platform.

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POS Payments

Point-of-sale Payments (POS) are an integrated solution enabling merchants to accept mobile payments through their existing cash register system or payment terminals via merchant API-connection. POS payments can be initiated with NFC, Bluetooth (BLE), or QR-codes, enabling consumers to pay simply with the consumer app.

Users validate the payments in the consumer app, receive digital receipts for purchases and can enjoy existing loyalty scheme integration as a seamless part of the payment, based on the data sharing capabilities of the POS.

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Digital receipts

All payments made with the consumer app automatically generate an electronic receipt. Depending on the merchant and integration type, the actual purchase receipt with line item details can be made readily available in the consumer app.

Loyalty integration

Thanks to the data sharing capabilities of the system, merchants can identify users and combine mobile payments with any existing loyalty scheme. Loyalty can be extended to include dialogue back to the customer via the consumer app as offers, coupons or simple text.

Integrated settlement and reporting

The merchant API gives access to transaction and settlement reports, enabling merchants to set up automated reconciliation.

Funding source management

The consumer app supports any funding source, including accounts, cards, lines of credit and prepaid. Users can add, remove, rename, edit and charge all funding sources at their disposal from one consolidated view.

Data sharing and permissions management

The system collects and manages a wide variety of user data, ranging from customer identity to transaction history. Before, during or after a transaction, data points such as loyalty ID, name, address, balance and purchase history can be shared.

This data can be used by the merchant to create personalised shopping experiences and automate future interactions. Users are, however, free to turn on/off sharing permissions for individual merchants (and for specific data points) inside the consumer app.

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