Person-to-Person Payments

Auka Person-to-person payments enables the bank to offer real time person-to-person payments funded by, and settled to any funding source.

Person-to-Person Payments (P2P)

P2P and mobile payments enables the bank to offer real time person-to-person payments funded by, and settled to any funding source, including accounts, cards, prepaid and lines of credit.

Transaction processing can be configured to cater to any local, regional or international constellation. Sender and recipient identifiers can be mobile phone numbers, bank account numbers, card numbers or any other unique identifier, including social media identities.

The service includes real-time transactional messaging, delivered as an SMS or mobile notification, with underlying monetary transaction processing. The P2P service is also bundled with multimedia-chat and invite-friends capabilities, making payments social and contextual, enabling viral spread.

Send and request

Users can choose to send or request money from anyone in their phone’s contact list. Recipients are prompted by mobile notifications. Recipients who do not have the app installed will receive an SMS prompting them to download the app to accept the funds received.

Five things all successful mobile payments solutions have in common


P2P payments are organised in a social messaging interface where payments are contextualised with chat messages. The chat has multimedia capabilities to make the experience immersive, enabling users to tell the story that surrounds every payment.

Funding source management

The consumer app supports any funding source, including accounts, cards, lines of credit and prepaid. Users can add, remove, rename, edit and charge all funding sources at their disposal from one consolidated view.


Users can simply invite any number of selected friends from their contact list, delivered as a personalisable SMS with download links. The invite system also features monetary marketing incentives with commission payouts.

User profile and settings

Visual display of personal data associated with each user, including name, mobile phone number, email and address. Settings include funding source preferences, spending limits, notifications, touch-ID activation and a variety of other display and application settings.

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