Auka provides simple and secure digital solutions for identification, authentication and signatures for both merchants and consumers providing banks with the necessary products and technology to identify and enroll new and authenticate existing customers digitally.

Identification and authentication

Auka offers two types of identification processing, providing end users and banks with easy and secure sign-up functionality.

Auka provides two primary types of identification processing: implementation of a domestic electronic identification (e-ID) service or our built-in document and facial recognition service.

This enables instant identification (and thus KYC) of any person with an approved identification document through the camera of the mobile phone. This service is typically used if a domestic e-ID scheme is not available.

Customer identification by domestic  e-ID

Auka supports integration with existing domestic e-ID schemes (where applicable), enabling strong identification in order to meet increasing requirements for KYC and AML regulatory compliance.

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The identification by eID returns a verified social security number and/or other unique identifier, providing a high level of certainty of the user´s identity.

Customer identification by document authentication and facial recognition

Another alternative to e-ID is customer identification is by document authentication, where a customer uses the mobile phone to capture an identification document image. The data required for enrollment is extracted and verified within public data registries (KYC, AML, PEP, CTF databases).

A broad range of standardised identification documents are supported (national IDs, passport, driving licences, etc.), strengthened by a high-precision document authentication by facial recognition (upload and verification of a selfie).

Secure customer authentication (app and web)

Auka delivers a wide range of authentication methods, easily available through a third party integration.

Customer authentication by national or public IDs, SMS, e-mail, hardware tokens or smartphone applications provide the desired level of security and flexibility, allowing tailor-fit authentication processes in accordance with requirements and needs.


Auka supports a wide range of domestic eID-schemes which can be used for digital signature. Signing of electronic documents with public e-ID methods provides a high level of assurance for the identity of the signer, enabling safe and secure online signing.

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