Credit and lending

Our mobile payments platform is an efficient channel for offering context-based, real-time consumer credit. Consumers can enroll digitally and receive credit on the fly at the time-of-purchase, offering a natural and convenient transition from the old physical credit card regime.

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Consumer credit and lending

Consumer credit provides ubiquitous, fast and simple digital enrollment for credit and real-time credit issuing, at the point of relevance for consumers.

A customer in need of emergency liquidity at the point-of-sale, for instance, is a few clicks away from receiving instant credit as a funding source in the consumer app. Credit scoring will be an external decision-gate managed by banks.

It could also be potentially supported by new types of scoring information from the mobile payments application, such as invoice payments and purchase history.

Consumer credit provides a lower cost-base to originate and service loans and perhaps provides better targeting of specific risk profiles, enabling banks to fight insurgents with more competitive pricing. Consumer credit also enables simple conversion of newly acquired users into paying customers.

Credit accounts or loan

We support lines of credit or loans that are issued and hosted on the platform or externally (straight-through-processing). Credit funding sources may also have granulated spending limitations, including only working for one, a selection or all merchants on the platform.

Real time issuing

Following digital enrollment and scoring, credit can be issued in real time and made available as a funding source in the consumer app. Credit can be personalised and adapted to location, context, time and preference.

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