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Customer Success Representative

We are looking for a dedicated and enthusiastic customer success representative who aspires to become a core member of our commercial team.

>> Customer Success Representative

Sales Development Representative

Helps us bring our world-leading mobile payment solutions to banks globally

>> Sales Development Representative

Senior Backend Developer

Do you want to work with a world-leading mobile payments team? We're looking for a dedicated, ambitious and enthusiastic Backend Developer.

>> Senior Backend Developer

Be part of Europe’s fastest growing fintech company

Auka is a Norwegian fintech company helping banks to do cheaper, faster and more stable transactions on the Google Cloud based Auka OS. We help banks launch their own mobile payments service in order to fight the competition from third party providers, start ups and other banks.

Auka targets retail banks and other financial institutions that are looking for new channels to recruit and engage with customers. In 2016 we were awarded the fastest growing fintech company in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) by Deloitte.

Auka has built and operates a white-label financial services platform featuring real time payments, complex clearing and settlements, card processing and more. Auka is the first regulated financial services company to run fully in the cloud.

We first launched our technology to the Norwegian market in 2014 under the brand mCASH. In 2015 we sold the mCASH-operation to SpareBank 1 focusing on global sales of our white-label financial services platform.Today we run our service on behalf of 17 banks and several thousand merchants.

We are a multinational team of 20 employees consisting of 12 highly skilled technical engineers and a dynamic business development department.

We’re always on the lookout for skilled personnel sharing our vision to become the backbone of modern banking.


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