How a fintech hires: the top five traits we look for in potential employees

The rapid pace of technological evolution is, of course, affecting how the financial industry seeks to staff more than ever before. The desired character traits and skills possessed by potential employees reflect this shift.

An appreciation and deep understanding of technological development are certainly more crucial than a background in finance when it comes to fintech.

We look for people with high competence in business development, product management and technical project management. We are also focused on creating and building strong workplace diversity (we’re really proud of the fact that we’re closing in on 50/50 gender balance)  and hiring those with a future-focused vision and passion!

Below are five of the top qualities we look for when hiring new employees.


It’s imperative that we hire flexible people with a chequered career past (in a good way!) who can consistently adapt to a changeable environment and a not always certain market.


These are the people who always look for new and better ways to do things rather than sticking to a formula. Innovation is key in fintech and is a huge factor when it comes to staying ahead and winning the future market. We need people who are curious and not afraid to think like there is no box (let alone just outside of it).

Culture fit

This is particularly important as a smaller team. Our employees hit the ground running and we need people who fit into an organisation built on teamwork and project management. Everyone works with everyone at certain times. The ability to collaborate with teams of people who may not necessarily have the same core skillsets and backgrounds is really important. Our culture, for example, is characterised by open minded, determined and goal-oriented people, who, without wanting to sound too corny, are stronger together than apart.


To be frank, we want (like any organisation, really) to only hire and work with smart people. But we also recognise that intelligence comes in many forms. The test, perhaps, is the ability to see and understand the coherence between the customer, market needs and what the technology – of today and tomorrow – can and should do to create new value.


I have put this last on the list for a reason. It’s not to say we don’t want people with the best experience and expertise, it’s just that experience can come in many forms and is entirely transferrable – even if it doesn’t always look that way on paper. Candidates may have had limited work experience in the same field but if they can demonstrate how they have approached and successfully executed a complicated project – even if it’s a personal achievement – we’re able to get a really great understanding of how they’d apply a similar approach within Auka. A lack of direct fintech experience or expertise should never be a barrier to hiring someone who can clearly demonstrate how they’d add value overall.

I think many tech companies would attest to the fact that getting the hiring right and finding the best people can be just as much of a challenge as winning new business. At Auka, we are constantly on the lookout for that sweet spot when hiring – a complex combination of skillsets, mindsets and competence.

If you have the above five qualities and you’re interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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