Auka help banks become PSD2 compliant and build digital payment solutions that generate revenue.

Auka is not only a provider of technology and products, but with our own direct- to-consumer experience, we work closely together with clients and take an active role in constructing a go-to-market strategy and establishing the necessary operations.

The Auka advisory team has the unique experience of having developed, launched and operated successful mobile payments solutions in the Scandinavian market for more than seven years.

We have deep operational experience with launching mobile payment solutions for multiple banks and can provide assistance on everything from go-to-market strategies, business development, operations, PSD2 compliance and open banking.

On-site, we can help:

• Build a mobile payments organisation, with the right roles, responsibilities and processes
• Facilitate building a go-to-market strategy and tactics based on product/market fit
• Support marketing and sales activities with best practices from the Nordics
• Establish risk, compliance and operations functions for merchant and consumer services
• Facilitate the process of technical integration work
• Train employees in Auka’s products and consoles
• Facilitate successful product management, with iterative, consumer-centric development

What our customers say

“Swisscom engaged the Auka advisory team to get a better understanding of the market for mobile payments. As Auka had launched their own product as a B2C proposition, they possessed an intimate knowledge of the actual pains and gains of merchants and end-users.”

“In order to build up a new mobile payments division and successfully go to market with this new suite of products, it was crucial for us to engage Auka’s advisory team for services. They played a central role in defining our go-to-market and sales/marketing strategies.”

The advisory team

Daniel Döderlein Phone: +47 900 17 777 CEO

Maria Akkuratnova Phone: +47 901 81 388 Head of Customer Success

Sara Rasmussen Phone: +47 413 71 264 Head of Sales

Jørgen Riiser Phone: +47 934 89 566 Head of Marketing


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