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Person-to-Person Payments

Offer real-time person-to-person payments funded by any source, including accounts, cards, prepaid and lines of credit.

>> Deliver smart mobile payments

Digital Cash Payments

Enables consumers to pay "P2P-style" to merchants- no hardware required on the merchant end.

>> The easiest and cheapest merchant payment

Pre-order Payments

Enables users to purchase goods from any location by accessing a merchant’s mobile mini-shop inside the app.

>> Pre-order through the payments app

What our partners say

“In six months with Auka we grew our customer base almost 30%”

Gunnar Hovland,
CEO, BN Bank

BN Bank

“Auka helped position us in the competitive landscape“

Rune Fjeldstad, Chairman,
SpareBank 1 Mobile Payments

SpareBank 1

“Auka is changing what is considered possible in the financial industry”

Otso Juntonen, Head of Cloud
Platform, Nordics at Google


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Founded in 2010 we were the first mobile payments company in Scandinavia. In 2014 we launched the first mobile payments app in Norway and since then “The Scandinavian Model” has led to 65% mobile payments adaptation in the Nordics.

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Term-inate and Oslo's first Legal Hackathon

I was thrilled to take part in Norway's first Legal Hackathon, held at Gyldendalhuset in Oslo, Friday September 21st to Saturday 22nd.

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